Notice: Counterfeit LIFELINE wire rope lubricant sold along Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast

Re: Identification of LIFELINE wire rope lubricant and exposing counterfeit, fake or “knockoffs”.

When it comes to counterfeit goods, including industrial materials, items, and equipment, no market is immune. Manufacturers of counterfeits violate patents and copyrights, both forms of intellectual property law. The effect of globalization has been that, if anything under the sun can be patented, then anything under the sun can be knocked off at a profit. “Knockoff” parts are a growing concern in industry: they are inferior in design and reliability. Knockoffs are similar to counterfeit parts, but evade the patent and trademark laws by avoiding actual manufacturer / brand names. Knockoffs are reverse-engineered to look like the OEM products; often labeled/marked with OEM part numbers, and the packaging is almost identical to the OEM design.

Removal of these parts, products and materials is the first step in the process. A system of prevention must be implemented from the top down.

Allowing these unscrupulous business activities to take place is unacceptable. Detection of counterfeit, bogus, or unapproved products is possible, but identifying these items is every ones responsibility with the assistance of qualified personnel to aid in making the final determination.

A counterfeit item is a suspect item that is a copy or substitute without legal right or authority to do so or one whose materials, performance, or characteristics are knowingly misrepresented by the vendor, supplier, distributor, or manufacturer.

A suspect item is one in which there is an indication by visual inspection, testing or other information that it may not conform to established Company – or industry –accepted specifications or national consensus standards.

Suspect items must be further investigated to determine whether they are counterfeit. When an item contains indications, but insufficient evidence, of irregularities such as noncompliance with agreed-upon specifications in the manufacturing process, it may be declared suspect.

I suspect that a substitute, knockoff or fake of LIFELINE wire rope lubricant is being produced and sold in the Gulf Coast area, There is a possibility that sales and distribution extends beyond the Gulf Coast area and possibly extends throughout the United States and abroad.

I am exposing a label to show one instance that I have identified and am in the process of shutting down. Laws exist to protect the consumer and I will use these available avenues including the various States’ Office of Attorney General to assist in identifying counterfeiting where exists with respect to LIFELINE.

If the label doesn’t have manufactured by: Applied Agrotech, LLC on it; It’s a fake and in violation of Copyright and Trademark laws.

If you suspect you have purchased a counterfeit, fake or “knockoffs” of LIFELINE wire rope lubricant; Please report to or call 512-483-4057.

Mark Baldwin, President – Applied Agrotech, LLC

Below is a label to help identify the fake “KNOCKOFF” label placed on 5-gallon pails. I have blacked out the Company name, address and phone number until they have been notified..

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