Pickled pequin peppers (Chile pequin en escabeche)

Bread and Tortillas


UPDATE:  It’s been brought to my attention that the name of the peppers  featured here is not “pequin”.  Common names given to these are “tepin” or “chiltepin”.  Various websites show pequins as similar in size to those in the photo but slightly elongated.  I identify these as “pequins” because that is the name I’ve known them as since very young.  My dad, who grew up on the Texas Mexico border called these peppers “chile pequins”.  I’m no expert on nomenclature and history of these types of peppers so I’m disclaiming any kind of authority.  My guess is that “pequin” was an acceptable common name in some parts of the country.

Throughout the years, there has always seemed to be a pequin pepper bush around my house.  It’s never from my doing though,  I’m pretty sure they’ve always sprouted up from bird droppings.  They always pop up by a fence, under a tree,  or under…

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Fed’s explanation of hollow point bullets raises more questions

Mb50's "Liquid Mud" Rant

By: Anthony Martin

News reports indicating that multiple agencies of the federal government have ordered and are stockpiling multimillions of rounds of ammunition have pressured the Feds to offer an explanation. But the official explanation has only raised more questions.

On Friday the government stated that the hollow point bullets it has procured are “standard issue” and that they are used to train security agents used by each of the various federal agencies.

However, according to retired Maj. Gen. Jerry Curry, a decorated Army war veteran, the Feds’ explanation about the bullets fails to pass the smell test.

When this reporter first heard the government’s explanation for the hollow point bullets, the warning bells immediately rang indicating a cover up. As every gun owner knows if they are serious about developing and maintaining their shooting skills, the type of bullets used for practice at the firing range are normally different…

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