Texas Independence Day: Lone Star State turns 175

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by Bailey Johnson

The nation’s second biggest state is celebrating a birthday. Today is Texas Independence Day, commemorating the day, 175 years ago, that settlers in the territory of Texas signed a document declaring independence from Mexico and creating the Republic of Texas.

In 1836, Texans were already in rebellion against Mexican rule. A group of delegates gathered in the town of Washington to make official their separation from Mexico. The members of the convention signed a hand-written document declaring the creation of the short-lived Republic of Texas. The original document still survives and is currently on display in Austin, the state capitol.


Texas Declaration of Independence, 1836 (Texas State Library and Archives Commission)

Thanks to the heroics of Sam Houston and the Texas army at the battle of San Jacinto, the soon-to-be state was free less than two months after signing the…

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Seaway – Echo terminal link planned

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News wires  02 March 2012 02:57 GMT

The proposed pipeline would be about 40 miles long, Enbridge executive Brad Shamla told Reuters.

“We are shipping crude out over a dock to other destinations on the Gulf Coast,” he said.

Following this, another pipeline would be laid, this one from the Echo terminal, along the Houston Ship Channel, to the Port Arthur area of Texas on the border of Louisiana.

Shamla said that pipeline will be about 80 miles in length and be done in 2014.

The plan was announced as the companies continued their purging of the 500-mile Seaway pipeline, which they said was ahead of schedule.

The pipeline will begin by carrying 150,000 barrels per day by 1 June from the oil hub of Cushing, Oklahoma, to Gulf Coast refineries, said Shamla.

The pipeline is the first of several projects to siphon the glut…

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